Mobile Websites Optimization for High Yields and Increased Sales

 Mobile Websites Optimization for High Yields and Increased Sales

Consumers use their mobile phones to find local businesses. But if they land on YOUR web site and it is does not load immediately they leave within seconds feeling frustrated.

Landing right into the arms of your mobile friendly competitors…

Is this a chance you can afford to take?

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Why is Local Search Such an Issue Today?

Local Search is the Most Important Ranking Factor in Your Website.

Every day millions of people are using the internet to find local businesses. They search Google, Yahoo and other search engines for everything from Roofers in Miami to Attorneys in Worchester.

Now if your website is not search engine optimized for local search, you are losing customers.  It does your business almost no go at all if your website is buried 5 pages or deeper in the results.

If your website isn’t listed on the first couple of pages you are probably losing business to your competitors BIG TIME.  (more…)