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As a business owner you have enough worry about running your business. It’s an all day task that requires your full focus.

That’s why it’s unrealistic to expect you to run your business and become a master of social media.

But having a social media presence is important. Did you know that Facebook influences 52 per cent of consumers’ online and offline purchases?

We can help.

Our social media services allow you engage with customers where they spend most their time. Our services focus on driving new customers and delivering R.O.I. for your business.

We have plans to fit almost any budget. Let us help you make sure your business stays relevant in todays digital age.

Tell us about your business by filling out the form below and we’ll develop a plan to fit your goals and needs.


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Social Media Marketing



Take advantage of our social media consultants

and attract more clients to your business.

Effective Social Media Services

How would you like to get your business in front of your ideal customers?

At Bull Falls Marketing, we help businesses like yours stay active on social media and create a long lasting impression with your audience.

  • We have the expertise to create an effective social media presence for your business.
  • We have the tools to help you stay active and grow your number of your followers.
  • We work hard to target your ideal customers and keep them engaged.
  • We don’t give up until we see results.
  • We develop an effective social media marketing strategy. 



Bull Falls Marketing – Who are we? 

At Bull Falls Marketing, we strive to offer effective SEO services for business and create online marketing campaigns with a clear goal in mind. With years of experience in the digital marketing field, we’re here to help your company attract more clients and close more sales

We get how difficult it is to start and maintain a business. So allow our team of SEO experts assist you in navigating the knotty ways of business online marketing.

Customized Digital Marketing Services

Are you ready to run a successful business? Here’s how we can help.

Facebook Marketing

Connect and keep your Facebook followers engaged so they’ll think of you when making their next purchase.

Learn More 

Content Marketing

Promote high quality visual content and tell your story on Instagram to accelerate your growth.

Learn More 

Twitter Marketing

Your next customers could hang out on Twitter. Don’t let a tweet go by without engaging with your audience.

Learn More 

SEO Services and Pinterest Marketing for Lead Generation

Target the right customers for your business with Pinterest. Did you know you can use Pinterest to generate leads and get customers. Get the Facts Now.

Learn More 

Email Marketing Social Media Management Services

We offer social media management services for businesses. Create a top notch reputation for your brand and increase your followers.

Learn More 

SEM Services Social Media Advertising Services

Our goal at “Social Media Agency” is to help your business grow. See how you can advertise your products or services on social media.

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Boost Your Business

Social Media is what we call “unquantifiable perpetuity” which is a fancy way to say there is 
no way to calculate all the good your content can do over a long period of time.

Read About Some of Our Client Success Stories

Digital Marketing Agency“This company exceeded our expectations on process and design. Our beautiful website came in on time and on budget. The team is not only talented, but great human beings which makes working with them a delight. We look forward to collaborating again.”

Ashleigh Kemp


Entertainment Culture

“Bull Falls Marketing has the best customer service I’ve experienced in the industry. It is abundantly clear to me that the entire staff of Bull Falls Marketing, (formerly Marcon Marketing Group) cares deeply about their clients and will stop at nothing to provide superior customer service.”

Tania Weeks“Bull Falls Marketing (formerly Marketing Group) web code is clean and easy to decipher; it is obvious that their team puts a high priority on making sure they are coding for best practices. We look at them as an extended part of our internal team and we are very lucky to have found them.”

Laura Tisdale

Wonderful Experience  “The team took our vision and transformed it into a website that has by far exceeded our expectations. I will definitely be coming back for my future design needs! Our phone rings with leads what more do we need” 

Ariel Strain

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We Offer A Wide Variety of Services For Business

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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio and Work

Services Offered

We offer a wide variety of marketing services for businesses.  We provide online marketing, graphic design, infographics, mobile marketing, video creation and social media campaigns for businesses.
Most of our competitors design websites or write
catchy sales copy, we do both. Why go somewhere else when we can fulfill all your online marketing needs…

Lets Start Talking Today and See If We Can Help. 

Video Marketing Services

Eye Catching Video Design and SubmissionVideo grabs people attention and converts prospects and leads to customers better than traditional written sales letters and direct mail.
Learn how video marketing can help you laser target your best prospects. 

Reach new clients:  Using video to promote your business can build up in time and provide free video traffic to your website. 

Branded Videos:  Branding is one of the most important part of any business.  Make sure your brand icon or logo is included in your videos.
The biggest mistake any small business can make is not get your brand out there using the raw power of videos!
With a professional video your business will attract 64% more customers to your door step!

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization to Improve Your Bottom Line. Social media is always evolving and changing.
With over 80 social media networks and 75 social networking sites, be sure to add this medium to your marketing and sales funnels.

We understand that building a strong social presence is not easy; in fact, it can be quite challenging for most businesses.
Learning to use multiple social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube takes quite a bit of time and skills in order to be successful.
We offer social media creation, optimization and management for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, graphics creations for social media posts and Facebook and Instagram ad management services. 


Creative Content Services

As a business owner, are you wondering just how important “content” really is to your online presence?  

It’s already a proven fact publishing various types of online content across the web will drive a large amount of new visitors to your site, increase conversions and help build brand awareness of your company.
Without effective content creation, you’re simply turning a bling eye to highly valuable prospects. 

Content includes: email, ebooks, case studies, website copy, sales copy, copywriting, blog post and article writing, press releases and much more.
Content creation and content marketing are often associated with website content.
However, it can relate to any form of digital content including blogging, videos, images, and social media posts.

Check out our extensive informative ebook library. You will find over 80 ebooks, mini reports and guides on many helpful and informative business topics including: Online Marketing, Google, Social Media and Youtube and Video Marketing!


Graphic Design: Logos and Infographics

Big companies know that a logo is so much more than just a logo…a logo captures the brand perfectly to forge an identity that everyone can relate to.  Your logo brands your company. It’s what your clients and customers recognize.

It defines your purpose and increases customer recognition.  It is the cornerstone of your business.
We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business, and increase your sales with
specific digital marketing procedures.

We create inspiring vivid infographics:  People are visual in nature and images get your customers attention and reaction.  They buy from merchants they know, like and trust such as merchants that can solve their problems.  Infographics boost your bottom line. See sample logos now. 

Website Design and Optimization

A properly optimized website is critical to your business success. There are many steps to gaining more customers and closing more sales.
As you know, most consumers today go online to find local products and services. ​See sample websites now.

 And if your website is outdated, slow-loading, or simply just hard on the eyes, you may notice that it’s not doing anything at all to help you increase leads and sales.
Learn how a good website optimized and indexed in search engines can increase your bottom line. Without a huge cost outlay, get the facts today.

We offer website, shopping cart installation and configuration, blog conversion and posting, blog and web properties creation, design and maintenance and more.  Contact us today to discuss your next project. 

Mobile Website and Design

With a massive growth of mobile devices, it makes sense that mobile marketing is a vital piece of your overall online marketing strategy.
Consumers keep their smartphones and tablets with them at all times, giving businesses the perfect opportunity to connect and grab their attention almost 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Your competitors are embrace this powerful marketing tactic, don’t get left behind. Find out what your site looks like on mobile. We offer mobile site integration. 


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We are looking forward to working with you!

In order to schedule an appointment kindly complete our contact form and we will reach you as soon as possible!

Digital Media


There are countless ways to use media to get results, but for every situation there is only one strategy that gets you the best results. 

SETTLE FOR MORE Trust Us to Find It








google ads

Our Process

1. Listen

Because every approach must be customized to meet our goals, we start by understanding how your business work, what your clients want and how your competition does it.

2. plan

We combine media and creative processes to make sure a plan, that will engage your customers at every point, is established.

3. Execute

We develop and implement beautiful solutions across all online mediums that will make your users to return and sales to increase.

4. Adapt

All our started campaigns are daily monitored and custom-built reports are being made so that we can optimize tactics driving ROI and conversions, ensuring optimal success!

Pro Advertising Campaigns

Our mission is to create effective digital advertising that clearly conveys a message and build awareness. Our team is dedicated to creating advertising campaigns that are innovative, dynamic and effective.

Click here to see our full portfolio.


71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Social media  100% 100%
  • google ads 95% 95%
  • Seo 100% 100%

Our advertising approach relies on new and innovative insights into the workings of the brain, and all with the goal of reaching your desired customer base more effectively. We know their purchase motivators and values. We know where they look online and how they access social media and we know how to use this information to get you results.


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We love to work with all types of businesses. We like helping startups getting big, and we like helping corporations getting bigger.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
Yes, we actually prefer long term contracts because progress takes time and the more we work together, the better our results gets.

We work alongside brands and apps  to acquire and build a meaningful relationship with users and customers, we focus on delivering a complete and success-driven end-to-end service. What we do is not rocket science. It’s way harder. We deal in intuition, feelings, perceptions, and motivation. We make real emotional connections with real people and armed with insight, we create work that differentiates and resonates. Work that tells the right story to the right audience in a clear and interesting way.

Let us

help you grow

Your business.

book a meeting!

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Marketing Hacks

Marketing Hacks:  Want To Grow Your Business and
Generate More Sales?

We get you found with Online Digital Marketing Services…
Get ahead of your competitors and attract more clients for your business…

We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business AND increase your sales with specific marketing processes.


We help you instantly convert strangers into leads by cultivating a deep and enduring interest in your product or service. We pinpoint those features of your products that ignite their interest and prompt them to make repeated visits.

Plus, with data analysis and customer relationship management tools customized specifically for your business, your campaigns will constantly generate leads, improve the growth and retention of your current clientele, and ultimately increase your revenue


We will power up your sales and send your revenue through the roof. We make it our business to convince your visitors that your product is what they need right away.

We also help you find and keep in constant contact with those clients most likely to become repeat customers, share your services with others and increase your bottom line.

Get more customers and grow your business

We know your clients are out there just waiting for you to make this move toward a directed marketing strategy that will point them to your product—the one they’ve been searching for.

We help you present your business to them in the most enticing way necessary to mesmerize and rivet their interest to your product.

You will grab the interest of even the toughest sells by using our strategies to pinpoint what they want from your service and show them exactly why it fits them perfectly. Your business sales will skyrocket, and your sales criteria will demonstrate measurable growth.

We Are Tech Creative

Our keen and innovative professional staff is adept at transforming your campaign into attractive media and digital content that engages visual, aural, and haptic experiences. The graphical and SEO content, we’ll generate for you is sure to motivate your audience toward direct and immediate action.

With our creative and artistic approach to the production of your digital content, your marketing campaign will immediately stimulate potential clients. It will support immersive user experiences that convert visitors into buyers and increase your revenue.

We Offer

Our state of the art graphic design and video drive traffic to your business and the creative and elegant website design we offer helps you make a dazzling first impression. Professionals will craft on-point social media marketing campaigns that communicate to customers the core value of your product.

These focused and strategic campaigns will always keep your current clients engaged and pique the interest of prospective clients. Plus with our service, your content will always be optimized for search engines using media savvy strategies to get you noticed fast. And to top it off, we’ll always provide robust and dynamic analytics that generate leads and ignite your path to success. No matter which service you choose, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Our Services

Every Project is different. But common services we offer.

Video Design, Submission and Marketing

Experience a radical upsurge in business growth—and fast! Effortlessly sail to the top of the rankings with the high-impact, strategic, and results-driven videos we create and market for you.

We identify your strongest assets and accentuate them to instantly attract customers.
Witness exponential growth in your brand’s popularity that dramatically boosts your likes, clicks, conversions, and sales.

Website DesiGN and Optimization

Witness thrilling success by instantly inspiring website visitors at their first sight of your crisp, elegant, and intuitive website.

Its stunning visual appeal will immediately impress them with your competency and highlight the finest qualities of your products.

The expertise and savviness of our highly experienced web designers help you effortlessly convert your website visitors into valuable customers.

Social Media Marketing and optimization

Let us kick-start your social media marketing campaign, optimize your media presence, and supercharge your brand recognition.

Our eclectic team of marketers, engineers, and writers will analyze your campaign from myriad perspectives to identify the most effective social media marketing strategy for your chosen social media platform.

Our cutting edge marketing tactics will dramatically increase customers’ visits to your site and provoke significant conversion rates—results you can measure, guaranteed!

Graphic Design

Our expert designers produce hard-hitting and impactful graphics that amplify your views and click-through ratios almost overnight.

Our particular gift is finding your company’s most definitive asset and transforming it into an attractive visual that becomes your highest selling point.

Your customer base and social impact will sky-rocket with these vivid design elements guaranteed to convert views and clicks into genuine interest and valuable purchases.

Content Marketing

Forget expensive advertising! We create high-impact content that galvanizes your audience toward purchasing your product.

Our versatile writers can spin even the most lackluster content into a vibrant and magnetic pitch that draws your audience to your product.

Our winning strategies will automatically grow your business, organically increase your website ranking, and radically boost your revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Our superior SEO campaigns catapult your website to the top of search engines. No other marketing team can quickly gauge the temperature of your SEO campaign and amp up your tactics so you bypass the competition.

We rank you up lightning fast, exponentially increasing the visibility of your website, dramatically boosting the number of your website visitors, and improving your bottom line.

​We are a Digital Marketing Agency

​Our marketing strategies get you clients. Period. We proactively create opportunities for dynamic business growth. Our tactics involve pinpointing your company’s most powerful characteristics to create a digital marketing campaign that attracts superior clientele.

We help you maintain constant, quality contact with your audience, managing data analysis and CRM campaigns to catalyze lead generation, support customer retention, and radically improve your bottom line.

We get your phone ringing, generate leads for your business AND increase your sales with specific marketing processes.

​​Ready To Get Started?

​Contact us today to receive a free quote and find out how we can help with your online marketing needs!

We specialize in helping “local” small businesses boost their digital marketing efforts. Contact us now for your FREE initial consultation so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!

Ignoring your online digital marketing strategy could prevent your business from being connected with targeted leads who want and need what you have to offer. If you’re ready to put your own custom Marketing Strategy in place, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!