Marketing Strategies: You Need To Know Your Customer

Marketing Strategies: Losing Sales? You need to know your customers.

Today marketing strategies come with a great deal of criticism and much of the anger people feel is directed at how unsubtle some of the advertising we see today is.   Most of us as soon as an annoying advertisement appears on the TV have turned over or express some displeasure that it is on again.

In fact when certain ads appear we tune these out and sometimes when we see it for the 20th time do we remain alert enough to remember just what the advertisement is for. What are your Marketing Strategies?  (more…)

Marketing Strategies: Ambush Marketing Is It A Fad?

Marketing Strategies: Ambush Marketing Is It A Fad?

Throughout the Soccer World Cup in 2010 it was dogged by a number of controversies.   However the most interesting of this wasn’t anything thing to do with what was actually happening on the pitch.   During one game that took place between Denmark and Holland some officials inside the stadium noticed that 36 women fans were stood together dressed in orange miniskirts the same color that is worn by the Dutch soccer team.

It was discovered that these women were wearing advertising that has been placed by the Dutch Brewer Bavaria and were then removed from the stadium. (more…)

Marketing Strategies Think Outside The Box

Marketing Strategies Think Outside The Box.

When deciding on your offline marketing strategies it is crucial that you think about the best way that you can get your product or the name of your company in front of people without the need to spend too much, yet without making yourself look like Scrooge.

It is also important that you do so without annoying people and without underselling the product.   Is it that simple? (more…)