Video marketing for small business

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Marketing Perspectives: Can your clients find you without the internet?

Marketing Perspectives: Can your clients find you without the internet?

Marketing perspectives:  In this day and age it doesn’t seem like a wise decision to advertise without using the internet, especially as it seems everything is happening online these days.   But there is little doubt that the internet is a very crowded forum when it comes to advertising and so finding space for publicity in order for something to be seen is proving very challenging.

As a result of this it is important that you devise a strategy for offline marketing.   It is important no matter the size of your business that you are able to promote the product you have.   But how you go about this will depend on the size of budget you have. (more…)

Marketing Tips: Is pester power what you need?

Marketing tips:  Is pester power what you need?

When it comes to marketing the one thing that you need to remember is that you need to be able to make an impact on the consciousness of people you are attempting to sell to.

One marketing tip is to putting advertising on a tank as it rampages through a defenseless small nation can create good publicity. How this is done is much less relevant than the way in which it is actually done. (more…)

Marketing Strategies: You Need To Know Your Customer

Marketing Strategies: Losing Sales? You need to know your customers.

Today marketing strategies come with a great deal of criticism and much of the anger people feel is directed at how unsubtle some of the advertising we see today is.   Most of us as soon as an annoying advertisement appears on the TV have turned over or express some displeasure that it is on again.

In fact when certain ads appear we tune these out and sometimes when we see it for the 20th time do we remain alert enough to remember just what the advertisement is for. What are your Marketing Strategies?  (more…)