Marketing Tips: Now Is Not The Time For Being Modest

Marketing Tips: Now Is Not The Time For Being Modest

Today there not many advertisements to be seen on TV that can be accused of being understated, when they are trying to push a certain product.   

Marketing Tips:  One such tip is the whole idea of such advertisements is to ensure that the service or product name is being placed directly in front of its potential customers eyes.   

Aggressive Marketing: How The Use Of Aggressive Marketing Is Turning People Off.

Aggressive Marketing: Most shoppers search online first for local businesses and then they decide where to buy products offline.

Aggressive marketing is self defeating.  When it comes to advertising it does require a small amount of common sense.   Would a company sell more if it were to insult its customers?  Of course they wouldn’t.   Would they start to lose out because they are connected with something in people’s imaginations that they dislike?  (more…)

Literacy In Marketing Tips. A Dying Art?

Marketing Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line.

One of the sights that depresses people the most when it comes to marketing is the attempts by companies to be just like us.   In recent years there has been an increase in the number of companies who make adverts that try too hard to make them look as if they are your friend.  

One of the most galling examples of this is when a company will resort to use abbreviated forms of words that we are seeing being used frequently in text messages to fit into a character limit.  These are not effective marketing tips. What are the best marketing tips to help your business.  (more…)

Marketing Perspectives: Are We Speaking Frankly?

Marketing Perspectives: Are consumers being lied to?

Were you to ask one hundred consumers what they find most unbelievable about marketing, you are probably going to find that at least 25% of them will say they feel lied to.  Marketing perspectives and analysis show that consumers hate being lied to and are far less likely to take notice of marketing if someone is always telling them a lie. (more…)