Aggressive Marketing: How The Use Of Aggressive Marketing Is Turning People Off.

Aggressive Marketing: Most shoppers search online first for local businesses and then they decide where to buy products offline.

Aggressive marketing is self defeating.  When it comes to advertising it does require a small amount of common sense.   Would a company sell more if it were to insult its customers?  Of course they wouldn’t.   Would they start to lose out because they are connected with something in people’s imaginations that they dislike?  (more…)

Marketing Strategy: The Big Spray Method

Marketing Strategy: What is the most effective method of marketing?

Most companies today who want to become more prominent in the eyes of the public will choose to use a big hitting marketing strategy.   As well as being expensive this type of strategy can also prove very risky as they need to purchase TV time and then record an advertisement that will be aired locally and regionally.

Otherwise they may take out a full page ad in a newspaper or place short ads that are repeated on the radio.

What they are hoping is that by spending more they will able to bring more customers to them. (more…)

Mailing Lists Are Not Just For Computers

Mailing Lists Are Not Just For Computers

The term mailing lists along with the many different words that mean mail have in recent years become very synonymous with emails.  This is quite an interesting development as companies have been using mailing lists long before the internet was invented.   Certainly in this day and age there is no reason for this to change and in fact there is still a benefit to be had from sending out things in the actual mail where a computer isn’t required.

In fact building a contact list is something that all companies should be doing.   With the right sorts of contacts it is then possible to reach  a market providing them with information that allows them to consider what is available and so allows them to come to a decision that they want it. (more…)

Marketing Perspectives: Are We Speaking Frankly?

Marketing Perspectives: Are consumers being lied to?

Were you to ask one hundred consumers what they find most unbelievable about marketing, you are probably going to find that at least 25% of them will say they feel lied to.  Marketing perspectives and analysis show that consumers hate being lied to and are far less likely to take notice of marketing if someone is always telling them a lie. (more…)