One rule to remember when marketing is celebrity sells.   There are a number of reasons for this.   If a celebrity is present in an advertising campaign then this will more likely to help raise awareness of it and as a result people will notice the product more.

If people think that the celebrity is actually using the product themselves then they will want it even more.  Plus if people see that you have been able to employ the services of such a celebrity they will automatically respect you more.   But of these statements one is very wrong but yet all of them happen to be true.

When it comes to marketing there is no disputing that having your product endorsed by a local celebrity or a national one if you can afford their fees or are able to convince them to get involved is a huge seller.   When you want to attract customers then star power is the best and surest way of getting customers to come through your door.

If you aren’t able to attract a TV legend or major sports star to get involved then now is the time to be thinking a bit more broadly.   Is there a local boy or girl that has made it good?  What is important is that you pick a celebrity for attracting customers to you who are able to give an impression of them wanting to be there.   Quite a number of endorsements made by celebrities have fallen flat due to them turning up late or read straight from a card about how much they love this product and then leave well before they were meant to.   If you have networking skills you will find that these are very useful indeed.